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Plugins updated: 29-March-16
Beauty 1.0:  Bug fix release - Java 8, Fixed broken brackets when applied to methods. - Java 8, Removed excess blank lines after if/else. - Java 8, Better handling of anonymous inner classes. - Java 8, Adjustment to shift operator to differentiate from nested type parameters. - OuterBeauty, added ability to set working directory.
FTP 1.3.2:  Bugfix release. Plugin bug#1832 - auth cancel happens on first host Fix Plugin bug#1837 ProjectViewer + SFTP: Does not work with addresses that use .ssh/config entries.
Navigator 2.6:  plugin patch 176: Navigator Popup Key Handling (Makarius) Fix for bug 1796, show tool bar buttons correctly when view is toggled from full screen mode. This fix requires at least jEdit 5.3pre1 since it requires the new ViewUpdate message state added in that version.
Reopen 0.5:  German translation added
XML 3.0.3:  ground work for xhtml5 validation
Plugins updated: 23-December-15
XML 3.0.1:  - Fix bug 1825, silent errors when missing included XSD (Eric Le Lay) - One time migration of plugin properties to plugin home directory (Alan Ezust) - Updated to use new Antlr 4.5.1 plugin for JSON files. (Dale Anson)
Plugins updated: 22-December-15
FTP 1.3:  Plugin Feature Request #355: Support for ~/.ssh/config files.
JSBeautifierBeauty 0.1.1:  This is the first release of JSBeautifierBeauty, a Beauty formatter based on the external js-beautifier program. It depends on the unreleased Beauty 0.9
Plugins updated: 19-December-15
Antlr 4.5.1:  Updated to use optimized version of Antlr 4.5.1.
AntlrSideKick 4.5.1:  Updated to use new Antlr 4.5.1 library in the Antlr plugin.
Beauty 0.9:  Updated JSON beautifier, complete rewrite of Java beautifier to support Java 8 and add additional options, integrated Outer Beauty from Eric Le Lay to support external beautifiers.
XQuery 1.1.0:  We are pleased to announce the a new release of the XQuery plugin. The main focus of this release to add Sidekick parsing to the plugin.

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