Recently Updated Plugins

Plugins updated: 10-August-15
Android 1.1:  Updated to use latest Android 5.1 SDK, added option pane to allow setting of SDK and Ant paths.
Beauty 0.8:  Bug fix release - beanshell: class name was being removed - beanshell: don't insert extra space after "break" and "continue" - French translation - thanks to jojbaba_67 - German translation - thanks to rschwenn - java: support "final" in for loop init, as in "for (final myType : myList)" - java: support method parameter annotations - java: better support for generics - java: better support for annotations, should be compatible with Java 7
FTP 1.2:  Updated to include jsch 0.1.53 Plugin Request #336: configure connection timeout option
SideKick 1.8:  Bug fix release: Bug 1819, cleaned up setttings for show filter box. (Dale Anson) Bug 1497, issue with when status window is displayed. (Dale Anson) Fix for NPE when workers were null. (Dale Anson) Bug 1800, context menu popup location fixed. (Dale Anson) Bug 1453, sidekick not updating buffers in the inactive edit pane. (Dale Anson) Bug 1452, invisible assets travered with keyboard after applying filter. (Dale Anson) Bug 1409, selecting asset from sidekick doesn't return focus to text area. (Dale Anson)
Substance 7.3:  Updated for Substance 7.3, added new option for menu search.
Plugins updated: 14-July-15
SQL 1.2:  * Use ThreadUtilities instead of VFSManager * Unload the toolbar when unloading the plugin * Automatically hide Resultset tab when there are no more resultsets * Fix plugin unload
XercesPlugin 2.11.0_1:  This release brings back xml-apis.jar
Plugins updated: 14-March-15
InfoViewer 1.6.3:  Version 1.6.3 depends on jEdit 5.0 and Java 1.6 Fixed [bug:#3671] HelpViewer incorrect encoding for .txt files on Windows (Eric Le Lay). No longer overrides built-in jEdit help action. (plugin bug #1813)
Plugins updated: 14-February-15
JavaSideKick 3.3.0:  - PropertySideKick, fix for bug 1803, fails to parse properties files that do not end with a newline. - PropertySideKick, properly handle multi-line properties, sidekick folding now works for those properties. - JavaSideKick, support for Java 1.8 including new locations for annotations and lambda expressions. - JavaSideKick, fixed bug 1620, refresh global class loader throws beanshell exception. - JavaSideKick, fix for bug 1783, imports asset includes extra lines which throws off sidekick folding.
LucenePlugin 4.1:  -Better handling of indexation stop (patch #167 from Tim Blackler) -Indicate in status bar if the max results was reached (patch #168 from Tim Blackler) -Check index name validity (patch #166 from Tim Blackler) -Hide exceptions when a non existing file is added to the index

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