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Plugins updated: 14-February-15
JavaSideKick 3.3.0:  - PropertySideKick, fix for bug 1803, fails to parse properties files that do not end with a newline. - PropertySideKick, properly handle multi-line properties, sidekick folding now works for those properties. - JavaSideKick, support for Java 1.8 including new locations for annotations and lambda expressions. - JavaSideKick, fixed bug 1620, refresh global class loader throws beanshell exception. - JavaSideKick, fix for bug 1783, imports asset includes extra lines which throws off sidekick folding.
LucenePlugin 4.1:  -Better handling of indexation stop (patch #167 from Tim Blackler) -Indicate in status bar if the max results was reached (patch #168 from Tim Blackler) -Check index name validity (patch #166 from Tim Blackler) -Hide exceptions when a non existing file is added to the index
Plugins updated: 8-January-15
AntlrSideKick 4.0:  Initial release. The 4.0 version number is to correspond with support for Antlr 4. Provides a sidekick for Antlr 4 grammar files and allows generation of lexer and parser files from the grammar.
HelpServer 0.1.1:  This is a new plugin. Please provide feedback... Try out the toc filter!
Sessions 1.6.1:  Accepted [Plugin Patches #165]: Sessions plugin discards buffer order (Kevin Leblanc)
SideKick 1.7:  Bug fix release - German language update (rschwenn) - Fix for bug 1800, removed extraneous remove-marker menu item from tree popup menu. (daleanson) - Removed bad hyperlinks to AOI docs. (ezust) - Updates to ParseError and added SideKickPosition, which are used by a couple of sidekick parsers. (daleanson)
Plugins updated: 11-December-14
Antlr 4.4
Antlr delete:  Initial release, plugin to provide Antlr 4.4 lexer and parser library jar.
GitPlugin 0.7.1:  SubModuleImporter parses output of git submodule status to find all submodules. Fixed plugin-bug #1794: Array out of bounds exception on project change.
PHPParser 2.0.5:  fix in the html block parsing
Plugins updated: 21-October-14
ErrorList 2.3:  Context Menu Release Plugin Feature Request #208: Copy errors to clipboard, either via right click menu, or by action menu. (Plugin Patch #163 - Tim Blackler) Plugin Feature Request #312: Expand/Collapse All (Plugin Patch #164 - Tim Blackler)
PHPParser 2.0.3:  Binary compatibility update (needs to be built against newer version of jEdit)

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