Recently Updated Plugins

Plugins updated: 30-October-15
CtagsInterface 2.8.0:  We are please to announce the release of v2.8 of the CTagsInterface. This brings the CTagsInterface plugin into line with v4.2 of the Lucene Plugin
JakartaCommons 0.9:  Updated commons-lang to version 3.3.2.
PMDPlugin 5.3.4
Plugins updated: 28-October-15
BufferLocal 1.6.0:  Just a couple of minor bug fixes.
ColumnRuler 1.0.5:  Bug fix release - #1790, caret and wrap guide markers misplaced. - java color string showing in options, now showing actual color - fixed issue with 0 not showing completely - center the mark dialog rather than having it at the top left of the screen - fixed some painting issues
Highlight 2.2:  Fix a bug in color highlight with soft wrap Add an option to ignore selections smaller than a number of char Fix highlight selection under caret not working in splitted panes
JavaInsight 1.1:  We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the JavaInsight Plugin. The main feature is the integration of the Procyon Decompiler, which will decompile Java classes from version 6 onwards.
Javassist 3.20:  Initial release. This is a library plugin that provides Javassist, plus a java agent that can eliminate the annoying beep emitted by a variety of components and plugins.
LookAndFeel 1.8.0:  * Added system look and feels so those can also be selected directly from this plugin. * Added option to turn off system beep if the Javassist plugin is also installed and activated as a java agent. This feature won't work until at least jEdit 5.4. * Added option to turn on auditory cues that may be provided by the selected look and feel. * Added Squareness look and feel. * Added Tiny look and feel. * Added InfoNode look and feel.
LucenePlugin 4.2:  We are pleased to annouce version 4.2 of the Lucene Plugin which contains a new Maintain Index dialogue.
Reopen 0.4:  This is the first release of the Reopen plugin.
XML 3.0.0:  Added new sidekick for json files. (Dale Anson) Plugin patch #147: Convert ascii entities (Character References) into chars in Entities to Characters action (Jarek Czekalski) CSS: better handling of @media queries CSS: bug #1784, css code completion is too slow XML: bug #1633 XML debugging output "quote is not closed" documentation updates, code refactoring
Plugins updated: 27-October-15
AStylePlugin 0.8.3:  * Renamed AStyle to AStylePlugin - Alan Ezust * Fixed naming inconsistency - Alan Ezust * Allow beautifying read-only buffers - Dale Anson
TextTools 1.16:  - Optionally move line down after toggling a line comment - jarekczek - German translation - thanks to rschwenn - allow modifying read only buffers - Dale Anson - fix for bug #1329, block shorting deletes characters - Dale Anson - fix for bug #978, option to add space after comment
Plugins updated: 10-August-15
Android 1.1:  Updated to use latest Android 5.1 SDK, added option pane to allow setting of SDK and Ant paths.
Beauty 0.8:  Bug fix release - beanshell: class name was being removed - beanshell: don't insert extra space after "break" and "continue" - French translation - thanks to jojbaba_67 - German translation - thanks to rschwenn - java: support "final" in for loop init, as in "for (final myType : myList)" - java: support method parameter annotations - java: better support for generics - java: better support for annotations, should be compatible with Java 7
FTP 1.2:  Updated to include jsch 0.1.53 Plugin Request #336: configure connection timeout option
SideKick 1.8:  Bug fix release: Bug 1819, cleaned up setttings for show filter box. (Dale Anson) Bug 1497, issue with when status window is displayed. (Dale Anson) Fix for NPE when workers were null. (Dale Anson) Bug 1800, context menu popup location fixed. (Dale Anson) Bug 1453, sidekick not updating buffers in the inactive edit pane. (Dale Anson) Bug 1452, invisible assets travered with keyboard after applying filter. (Dale Anson) Bug 1409, selecting asset from sidekick doesn't return focus to text area. (Dale Anson)
Substance 7.3:  Updated for Substance 7.3, added new option for menu search.

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